Family Advocates

Perfunctory tasks were diverting the office manager’s time away from critical mission efforts. In addition, organizational procedures for such tasks were undocumented. The ID team designed a learning solution to address both challenges.

My major contribution to the project was the task analysis.

Project deliverables include a task analysis, learner analysis, job aid, and coaching guide (with a performance assessment).

Elevator Speech

Job seekers and career changers need help in developing an elevator speech to market themselves for workplace opportunities. This mini course informs the learner on the value of an elevator speech in their job hunt then walks them through the steps to write one. It concludes with tips for approaching the next steps of practice and refinement.

Project deliverables include a mini eLearning course, learner avatar, design outline, worksheet and bonus infographic.

Canvas Basics

(Dual Language)

COVID-19 forced an emergency move to distance learning for the Prosser School District in the spring of 2020. The next fall, district policy leaders required supports for parents and families to be a part of the startup plan to continue distance learning. This course is eLearning tutorial guide for parents and students that shows how to set up and navigate a user account in the Canvas learning management system.

Project deliverables include a tutorial eLearning course with two language modes.


School employees were falling for high level phishing scams and compromising district technology systems. This eLearning course was designed using scenarios based on real scams experienced by the district. It teaches the learner how to spot a phishing scam and what to do when they are unsure.

Project deliverables include a branching scenarios eLearning course, needs analysis (coming soon) and a storyboard (coming soon).